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This page is maintained by Gemma Cartwright, Funding Development Officer.

SAVS Funding Service

Our Funding Development Officer offers the following services to SAVS members:

  • one-to-one funding support and guidance
  • monthly funding update
  • funding searches
  • assistance with completing application forms
  • assistance to develop a fundraising strategy
  • fundraising training
  • reading application forms prior to submission
  • …the support is (almost) endless!

If you need support, help or advice, please contact Gemma on 01702 356008 or email

Funding Deadlines:

31 August 2016               ROSCA Trust  General charitable   

31 August 2016               Fowler, Smith and Jones Trust       General charitable 

1 September 2016           Ford Britain Trust         Education and Other Charitable Purposes

9 September 2016           Inter-Faith Youth Trust       Inter-faith events organized by young people

14 September 2016         Southend Borough Council, In Year Grant          General Charitable

15 September 2016         Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation          Nonviolence and environmental sustainability

16 September 2016         A B Charitable Trust         Human rights and promotion of the respect for vulnerable individuals

October 2016                   Children’s Health Fund                  Provision of good food programmes

11 October 2016              DM Thomas Foundation (formerly Hilton Foundation)       Young people

14 October 2016             Echo Gannett Foundation        Rural Communities  

30 November 2016          Weaver’s Company             Disadvantaged young people (age 5-30)

31 December 2016          Ironmongers Company                   Disadvantaged Children Under 25

31 January 2017              Ernest Cook Trust Grants Programme       Young people 

March 2017                    Southend Fund (Essex Community Foundation)     General Charitabl

30 March 2017              ROSCA Trust        General charitable  

30 March 2017             Fowler, Smith and Jones Trust       General charitable 




Below, you will find the following information:


Fundraising websites comparison

If you’re looking to boost your fundraising methods by providing your donors with an online, quick and easy way to fundraise for your charity – look at this before you invest!  Some websites take a higher percentage from each donation than others, so you could be losing potential income.  

How do I set up a voluntary group?

There is a really helpful film which you can find on YouTube called “A Thriving Sector – Making it Happen!”  This provides an overview of setting up a voluntary group.  The part one is here and part two is here.

A Thriving Sector – Making it Happen! Part 1 of 2

A Thriving Sector – Making it Happen! Part 2 of 2

We have a range of guidance sheets available, including the following:

  • Application 'Dos'
  • How to complete a grant application
  • How to develop a fundraising strategy
  • How to get fit for funding
  • How to start a voluntary group (detailed)
  • Trustee FAQs

To request a copy of any of these documents, please contact Gemma on 01702 356008.


If you would like any other information, please email Gemma by clicking here or phoning 01702 356008.