Soup Glorious Soup

SV Soup Day

Soup Glorious Soup

The Supported Volunteering Project got involved with the newest side project going on at SAVS – Folk Like Us’s infamous soup days!

The idea of serving soup to folks in the SAVS building was born out of having a fully working kitchen and using up our allotment veggies.

On the day, SV Project got on board and served up 40 delicious servings of soup. Rachel, Project Co-ordinator, asked two supported volunteers if they would like to take charge, pick their soup recipes and get cooking. Nadine and Gogontle both expressed an interest in cooking but had some anxieties around catering for others. Rachel supported and encouraged them to go ahead and the event turned out to be very successful.

The ‘Soup Days’ are not only benefiting the members of Folk Like Us with a home cooked lunch but also the people who are making the soups. Gogontle said ‘Thank you for organising the soup day. I think it reminded me that I can do things and how great it is to be a part of a team and working towards something together.’

Rachel said ‘We worked through the challenges and difficulties Nadine and Gogontle were talking about – feeling anxious, worries about failing, not being good enough and I had the pleasure of seeing them both grow in confidence and really enjoy the experience. They both told me how much they enjoyed feeding people and receiving the compliments about their soups. It was an enjoyable day of volunteering.’

‘Soup day’ is now a regular event at SAVS with different projects throughout the building getting involved. It has been a positive way of bringing all the projects together. The Supported Volunteering Project is looking forward to all the Spring veggies and working out what is next for ‘Soup days’…. Jacket potato anyone?