Free webinar with KLIMAX Family Hub

Free webinar with KLIMAX Family Hub

Free webinar with KLIMAX Family Hub sponsored by A Better Start Southend (ABSS). This will be a live educational event delivered by highly trained professional speakers.

Home may not be safe for many families who experience domestic or intimate partner violence, especially while under orders to shelter in place. COVID-19 has caused major economic devastation to families that could potentially exacerbate or trigger relationship stress at home. Work, school, church and other social environments provided an opportunity for people to report danger at home. Learn the signs of intimate partner violence and how you can support people seek help during the pandemic.

The workshop training will define domestic violence and help participants identify who is at risk while learning to identify the cycle of domestic violence and how it affects children’s behavior. Participants will recognize the impact domestic violence has on children and their development.

Learn about the complexity of domestic violence, survivors experience and local resources.
Learn more about childhood, brain development and the impact of domestic violence.
Domestic Violence and the relationship to mental health: Gain a better understanding between risk factors of domestic violence to mental health.
Explore helping families identify their unique protective factors and developing a safety plan.

The aim is to Educate, Inform, and Empower families of Domestic Violence, and families in general so they can better support their children

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