99 by 19 Creative Exchange Brief

99 by 19 Creative Exchange Brief

99 by 19 is a list of 99 activities or experiences to complete in Southend by the time someone is 19 years old. It is an action research project designed to engage young people to release their creativity through themed activities, equipping them with the skills and confidence to progress through an ever-changing diverse world.

Each item on the list has been selected by a someone 19 or under through a series of artist workshops, ensuring this is a programme created by and for children and young people, with adults responding to their voices. The list has nine categories that represent key skill sets young people need to thrive in the twenty-first century. These categories have been developed through conversations with Southend’s creative, educational and youth focused organisations, as well as the business community, to ensure the skill sets are what our community needs.

You can read more about the project and see the full list at www.99by19southend.co.uk

99 by 19 is created by Southend’s Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP), a collaboration of arts, education and youth organisations across the city who believe in the enabling power of creative learning and cultural experiences to support all of our children and young people thrive. It is a growing and inclusive network, for teachers, cultural organisations, creative practitioners, local authority officers, business and anyone else working for better outcomes for children and young people in Southend! Everyone is welcome, as we are stronger when working together.

We are looking to commission organisations to run artist led activities to allow young people to achieve activities on the list, and provide feedback on the accessibility and relevance of 99 by 19.

Local organisations are invited to submit proposals that meet the following criteria:

  1. Benefit children and young people within the 0 – 19 age range living in
  2. Enable young participants to access 5 or more experiences from 99 by 19
  3. Are artist led, in any discipline (eg dance, music, theatre, visual arts, writing)
  4. Will effectively and thoroughly capture young people’s feedback and learning from accessing 99 by 19, including completing project evaluation surveys
  5. Demonstrate growing the creative confidence of the young poeple involved.


Strong proposals will target existing groups of young people and might involve schools, church groups, uniformed organisations, youth clubs or parent and toddler/baby groups, and will allow young people to experience a part of the city that maybe unfamiliar to them. We will look to support a geographical spread of projects right across Southend, with particular support for children and young poeple in Kursaal, Milton, Shoeburyness, Victoria, Westborough and West Shoebury. Applications can be made by organisations that do not yet have a lead artist confirmed. If you would like support in finding a lead artist, please indicate this in the relevant section of the form. If you are an artist, you must work in collaboration with an organsiation to apply to this opportunity. If you do have an organisation to work with but would like to be involved, please let us know via 99by19@southend.gov.uk

Proposals should be accompanied by a budget of up to £2,500. Projects should be completed by 14th October 2022.

How to Apply
Applications should be made via our online form, accessed here:
The deadline for proposals is midday on July 8th 2022.

If you have any specific queries relating to the proposals or the application process, please contact Victoria Jones via 99by19@southend.gov.uk

Application Questions
1. Name of Organisation
2. Address
3. Website
4. Contact name
5. Contact email
6. Contact Telephone Number
7. Type of organisation (e.g. registered charity, CIC, local authority)
8. Who you are – please give a brief overview of your organisation and the work it delivers (no more than 200 words):
9. Proposed Activity – please outline the activity you wish to develop providing details on how it will align with the priorities of SCEP and 99 by 19 (no more than 400 words)
10. 99 by 19 items your activity will achieve (please list 5 items)
11. Name of the lead artist(s) and outline of their experience (no more than 200 words per artist) If you have not yet confirmed a lead artist, you are still able to apply. Please indicate if you would like support in finding a lead artist.
12. Beneficiaries – please describe how you will target children and young people to take part in the activity including any partner organisations or groups you will work with. Please indicate if these relationships are established or developing. Please indicate the age range and number of beneficiaries and how you expect the young people taking part to benefit from this experience (no more than 300 words)
13. Management – please describe who will lead, manage and take budgetary responsibility for this commission. Please confirm that appropriate risk assessments, DBS certificates, safeguarding policies and public liability insurance are in place (no more than 200 words):
14. Evaluation – describe how you plan to monitor, evaluate and share your findings from this project with SCEP. It is mandatory for all participants to complete project surveys, please indicate how you will ensure this (no more than 200 words)
15. Budget – please include a full breakdown of your project budget up to £2500. Artist fees must be included.
16. Project Timeline – please indicate the key delivery dates for your project

Key Dates:
Application deadline: 8th July 2022
Decisions: by end of July 2022
Project dates: 1st August to 14th October 2022

The information in this document can be translated and/or made available in alternative formats, on request. Please contact 99by19@southend.gov.uk.

Jamie Langstone