Abbeyfield Southend Seeking New Trustees

Abbeyfield Southend Seeking New Trustees

We are looking to give the opportunity to people who would like to join us to assist us in ensuring that older people in our four homes are getting comfort and high-quality care in their older years. We have 3 houses of sheltered accommodation and 1 residential care home, all local to Southend, for people who need that extra care that residential care can offer.

We are looking for compassionate people who also have the ability to help ensure that the charity is running well and to its full potential. Although we don’t, as a board, get involved in the day-to-day administration, it is important that the charity has a clear strategy and being the guardians, make sure all decisions enhance the success of achieving excellent care for all our residents.

We meet as a board on a regular basis and consider a wide range of things that are being undertaken for improvements, both structurally and to the operation of the charity. The management staff keep us updated with reports on everything from housekeeping, health and safety to maintenance. There is a wide scope that the right people can get involved in and it’s very satisfying seeing the difference that you can make.

We are not asking for particular attributes but life experience is important and being able to work as a team with the best interests of the charity and residents is vital. We believe that your previous history and unique skills will be a valuable contribution to the team. You will be working closely with an enthusiastic and friendly group of people who enjoy and are proud of the difference they can make to Abbeyfield Southend.

If you’d like to find out more or express your interest, please email Ian on

Jamie Langstone