Able like Mabel – Active Essex

Able like Mabel – Active Essex

Many of us are young at heart, aren’t we? To help us stay active and able, we need to care for ourselves in a different way as our body changes.

As our bodies change, different exercises can help to keep us strong and steady later on. The Find Your Active Fall-Proof resources, are a series of movements to do whilst at home and to introduce during your normal daily routine. Regardless of your age, these simple movements will support you in completing every day jobs, and help keep you steady, strong and able – all with the aim to ensure you can enjoy your life now, and in your years to come.

Movement and exercise can seem daunting as you get older, but the Able like Mabel resources will provide you with the know-how to check in on yourself and simple movements to do alongside other activity, to keep you feeling younger and stronger in order to keep up with the likes of the grandchildren!

Plus, if you get the bug and feel you’re then ready to do more, perhaps join a class, or want to gain some extra support, the Find Your Active team are here to help you on your next steps.

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Jamie Langstone