About SAVS

What we do

SAVS is an independent charity known as a council for voluntary service or CVS. That means we work behind the scenes to help local charities and community groups achieve their full potential.


Sector Representation

Researching, collating and championing the voice of the community in Southend to help implement change.


Funding & Capacity Building

Full support to all members in establishing, running and growing their organisation including funding guidance and training.


Networking & Promotion

Sharing and celebrating the work of the Voluntary Sector with physical events, digital marketing and social media.

SAVS Sector Support

S-O-S’s Third Sector

Southend’s Volunteers contribute c.£33.5m annually. The Sector brings in c.£139m each year in additional income. It is estimated that the Return on Investment is 6:1.


The Third Sector works or has contact with over 150,000 people. That’s 90% of Southend’s population.



FTE Paid Staff working in the Third Sector and many more volunteers.



Charities, community groups and faith groups based in the area.

more than


Members of SAVS, with almost 1,000 in our wider network.

Our Mission

To promote, develop and facilitate a thriving, effective and influential voluntary and community sector in Southend-on-Sea.

Our Vision

A society in which people have the will and ability to influence and make a positive contribution in their own communities.

Strategic Aims

The work SAVS does helps us to achieve five Strategic Aims.


To enable the voluntary and community sector and individuals in the community to have a voice and the ability to influence decision making.


To support those living in deprived communities to raise aspirations and improve their quality of life.


To represent the VCS within the public sector and with other partners.


To provide a range of support services to new, emerging and existing voluntary and community groups.


To promote volunteering, paying attention to individuals who are traditionally under-represented in volunteering.

Becoming a SAVS Member is free and has lots of benefits

Funding & Capacity Building

Supporting groups from formation to growth, our services empower people to lead in their development. Funding and governance support ensure stable foundations for sustainability.


Last year we provided:


81 1:1 Support Sessions
30 New Group Advice Sessions
44 Policies and Procedures Guidance Sessions
102 Funding Source Advice Meetings
27 Funding Searches
1 Meet the Funder event

SAVS Meet the Funder

Networking & Promotion

Promoting the wonderful work being done in Southend-on-Sea. Networking groups to enable joined-up working, sharing of experiences and exchanges of successes.


Examples of how we do this:


Thematic Groups & Third Sector Assemblies
Co-Production Workshops
Community Panels
Partnership Building
SAVS Networking Breakfast
Social Media
SAVS Weekly Email & Quarterly Newsletter

Digital Reach

In addition to the physical events, networking and meetings, our online and digital outputs allow us to reach a wider captive audience. As part of our strategy for the future, we promise to always grow and develop the ways we harness technology to promote and support Southend’s Third Sector.



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Followers on Twitter, with up to 51,400 Tweet Impressions per month.



Followers of our Turning Tides Twitter page, dedicated to our Community Engagement projects.



Website sessions per month.



Followers on Facebook.



Followers on Instagram.

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