An awareness session to update knowledge of key issues surrounding HIV

An awareness session to update knowledge of key issues surrounding HIV

‘HIV Today Online’ is a shortened and adapted version of our popular half day professionals training session which will be delivered on ‘Zoom’.

The session is aimed at those working in the Essex, Southend and Thurrock communities, particularly those working with community groups.

The course will touch on:

• The origin and history of HIV/AIDS

• HIV and its effects

• HIV Transmission

• HIV Treatment

• Who is effected by HIV

• Reducing the risk

• Living with HIV

• Where to signpost

The session is due to last 2 and a half hours but potentially may be longer/shorter depending on attendee feedback. This is the first time the session will have been delivered in this way so we ask anyone booking to attend to be flexible to over run the advertised time if needed and allow for any on the spot adaptations that your trainer may have to make to ensure the session runs as effectively as possible.


• You will be required to download the free ‘Zoom’ programme to attend this training session and we recommend this is done well ahead of time to allow you to familiarise yourself with the programme. To download Zoom for free please visit:

• After booking you will be sent a link to the Zoom session which you can follow with a password to access the session.

• The session is due to begin at please be signed in and ready to start at this time.

• If you have questions before the day or on the day you can contact our team at but please be aware that Zoom is not a THT platform so guidance we can offer is limited.

• please acquaint yourself with the ZOOM programme before the day to reduce the chance of any technical issues arising. Due to the impact on other attendees the trainer will not be able to stop the session to assist those experiencing issues on the day.

On the day:

• When you log in none of the other attendees or the trainer will be able to see or hear you but you can communicate directly to the trainer and attendees through a chat option using text on the Zoom programme.

• You will be able to see and hear your trainer, please ensure the speakers on the devise you are using work ahead of time.

• You can log in using a computer (with speakers), a tablet or a smart phone.

• You will be able to view a power point presentation of the session throughout the session whilst seeing and hearing the trainer.

Following the session you will be asked to complete a short feedback form about the session by email.

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