Arts Award Advisors Southend based 

Arts Award Advisors Southend based 

‘99 by 19’ is an activity programme that engages young people to release their creativity through a series of themed activities, equipping them with the skills and confidence to progress through an ever-changing diverse world. The programme will consist of a list of 99 activities to complete in Southend by the age of 19, co-designed by those 19 and under, through a series of artist led workshops to discover what is important to the young people of Southend.

’99 by 19’ will give children from pre-schoolers all the way up to college leavers and those outside of formal education the opportunity to connect with Southend in fun and creative ways that encourage young people to be confident, take risks, and seek new opportunities. To date, 36 items on the list have been released. Workshops will continue over the Autumn and Winter, for a final list to be released in the Spring.

What we would like to do

It is our ambition that young people will be able to use the programme to achieve an Arts Award. We are therefore looking to appoint five Arts Award Advisors trained across Discover to Gold, to develop tools for how this can be achieved. To apply, you do not have to be trained to all levels, but we are looking to appoint a team who’s experience is spread across the awards.

Format and Fee

We anticipate the time commitment to this project to be the equivalent of two days, consisting mostly of group discussion and the design of tools to achieve Arts Awards at different levels, with particular focus on being able to participate in the ‘Discover at Home’ scheme. The tools should be able to be used

independently by local organisations, voluntary groups, schools and practitioners to enable young people to obtain Arts Awards linking with Arts Award centres and Advisors where needed. The format and output can be decided by the group on meeting, but needs to be something clear, that can be easily understood and distributed. We anticipate this taking place remotely in online discussion. There is a fixed fee of £500 for each post.

Eligibility and Application

Posts will be available to those already trained in Arts Award, who can demomstrate how they have worked to support young people to achieve an Arts Award, at any or all levels. If you would like to apply to be part of this project, please submit a CV and short statement outlining your interest, your experience, what you believe the importance of Arts Award is, and how you might approach this project. We would also be keen to hear about your commitment creative learning in the Southend community. Please send applications to Katharine Hart, by midday on Monday 2 November. Please include the level of Arts Award training you have achieved. To apply, you will need to live, work or learn in the Southend area. We particularly welcome applicants from underrepresented groups.

More information about the project, and the items on the list can be found here.


‘99 by 19’ is funded by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Royal Opera House Bridge, serving as a research project to enable young people to participate to change and shape their future in being an active participant in making Southend better place to live, work, study and play. The programme is managed by Focal Point Gallery, who chair the emerging Local Cultural Education Partnership for Southend.