Brain Health Food Box Success | SEND the right message

Brain Health Food Box Success | SEND the right message

We all know how complex the brain is…

The brain consumes massive amounts of energy and needs careful fuel at the best of times.

This year has been the most challenging of all our lifetimes.

As parents of children with neurodevelopmental differences, we regularly see the emotional and mental stress that our children encounter.  We know that this places a huge strain on their brains.  Sometimes it can lead to trauma, this is a physical issue.

For all these reasons, we want to send you a box of food which boosts brain health and brain recovery.

We want you to remember that food is medicine.

Most notably, Tryptophan, protein, vitamins B and D (and others) are useful for these purposes.

Please experiment and enjoy the process of healing and feeding you and your child’s brain to kick-start the process of recovery from the COVID era.


Do some reading about brain health and brain nutrition and come back and share with us what you know.

When the sun returns let us be fit, healthy and ready to make the absolute most of it.


SEND the Right Message (Previously known as Southend SEND Parents) provided brain food boxes for the members of their charity. 

The were provided to educate families with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) on healthy eating for the neurodiverse & mental health, particularly during the covid lockdown.

This was successfully sponsored by Southend Emergency Fund & SEND the Right message provided the much-needed food boxes to over 75 families in Southend.

Jamie Langstone