Brook Traffic Light Tool Training (Neglect)

Brook Traffic Light Tool Training (Neglect)

Brook’s nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response that helps professionals to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours in young people

Established for over 55 years, Brook is the UK’s leading sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people. Sexual behaviours are not just about sex. They may include any talk, touch, questions, conversations and interests which relate to sexuality and relationships. Relationships can occur online and offline. When children or young people display sexual behaviours that increase their vulnerability, or cause harm to others, adults have a responsibility to take action to provide support and protection. Traffic Lights provides guidance that is age and developmentally appropriate, positive and protective. Traffic Lights is a developmental tool and not a legal framework. Traffic Light can be used by a wide range of professionals including schools, early years education and childcare providers, health, professionals, social works, psychologist and families.

The Traffic Light Tool e-learning course features activities to support your learning and scenarios to help you practise applying the Traffic Light Tool.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognise and identify sexualised behaviours and differentiate between those which are part of healthy sexual development and those which are problematic or harmful.
  2. Reflect on your own values and understand how they can impact on decision making.
  3. Demonstrate a common language around developmental and harmful sexual behaviours.
  4. Understand what a behaviour may be communicating and why the child or young person may be exhibiting the behaviour.
  5. Appropriately respond to sexualised behaviours, considering possible motivations, communications and severity.


Training is available:

Civic Centre

  1. 14.12.22: 11-1400
  2. 20.3.23: 0900-1230
  3. 13.7.23: 0930-1230


  1. 9.1.23: 0900-1230
  2. 17.1.23: 0900-1230
  3. 17.1.23: 1300-1630

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Jamie Langstone