Building resilience in children and young people 

Building resilience in children and young people 

Helping our children build resilience and confidence is one of the most important gifts we can give them.

We all understand how life can bring you many challenges throughout and how important it is on how we manage this. Resilience is being able to manage stress, challenges, trauma or adversity that life brings and bounce back from it.

When children and teens are resilient, they are going to be more confident, curious and adaptable to the world around them.

Our top tips

Help them build positive relationships with their friends and other adults.

Help them learn to be independent in their actions and thoughts.

Encourage them to understand, express and manage their emotions.

Help them build their confidence by taking on challenges and allow them to learn from it even if they do not manage to complete the challenges.

Other ways to build resilience in your child or teen.