Call out for Young Researchers for ‘99 by 19’!

Call out for Young Researchers for ‘99 by 19’!

99 by 19 is a list of 99 activities or experiences to complete in Southend by the time someone is 19 years old. It is an action research project designed to engage young people to release their creativity through themed activities, equipping them with the skills and confidence to progress through an ever-changing diverse world.

Each item on the list has been selected by a someone 19 or under through a series of artist workshops, ensuring this is a programme created by and for children and young people, with adults responding to their voices. The list has nine categories that represent key skill sets young people need to thrive in the twenty-first century. These categories have been developed through conversa- tions with Southend’s creative, educational and youth focused organisations, as well as the business community, to ensure the skill sets are what our community needs. You can read more about the project and see the full list at www.99by-

99 by 19 is created by Southend’s Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP), a collaboration of arts, education and youth organisations across the city who believe in the enabling power of creative learning and cultural experiences to support all of our children and young people thrive. It is a growing and inclusive network, for teachers, cultural organisations, creative practitioners, local authority officers, business and anyone else working for better outcomes for children and young people in Southend! Everyone is welcome, as we are stronger when work- ing together.

We need you!
We are looking for groups of young people, whether formally as part of an existing club or brought together in another way, in Southend and the surround- ing area to participate in testing items on our list. We want to understand how they might be interpreted by different age groups, and most importantly, if they are fun! Choose three or four items and decide how you might approach them.

To give an example, one on the list is See Southend from the Sea. You might interpret this by talking a walk down the longest pleasure pier in the world! Or how about going on a boat trip? Or what about doing some open water swimming? There are so many ways to approach this, so we need your help to discover all the unique and individual ways your group or club can take on the list. We are interested to hear from a wide variety of groups from different backgrounds, representing ages from 0 to 19 across all participants (one single group does not have to cover this age range).

Part of this project is to get the feedback of young people, as well as seeing their amazing work and ideas, and so we will ask you to document and report back on what you did, and your thought processes. This might include recording your trip and talking us through the ways that you have completed the item; creating a photo diary of your journey showing us how you approached the list, or interviewing each other to understand your decisions. The responses will create unique case studies to help other young people take on this challenge for themselves. We also ask that each participant complete a brief evaluation form also.

How will we support you?

To support your ideas of how you interpret the list, we can offer a small support budget of up to £250, which might be put towards travel costs, any materials you might need, staffing support costs or anything else relevant to making your idea a reality. The 99 by 19 project team can also help develop your ideas.

What do you get from this?

The young people you work with will get the opportunity to test some fun and engaging activities and be part of a project that helps other young people grow in confidence, be more creative and get involved with all Southend has to offer. You will be able to showcase your work and ideas on the 99 by 19 website, and takeover our social media to communicate what you have done.

Do you want to get involved?

If you would like to get involved, or have any questions about this project, please email Victoria Jones,, outlining how you work with young people and why you want to respond to this programme. It would be good to understand which items on the list you might want to respond too, and if the young people you work with have any ideas about what they might like to do.

Please contact us by Monday 8 July. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jamie Langstone