CIF awards grants to support Young People’s Mental Health

CIF awards grants to support Young People’s Mental Health

The Community Investment Fund is managed and delivered by the Community Investment Board, made up of local residents volunteering their time to make investments enabling Southend residents to improve their lives, hosted by the Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS). In November 2021 the board met to review 22 proposals seeking to deliver activities to enable young people in Southend to improve their mental health. Funds were made available for this from the Southend Education Trust to whom the board are extremely grateful.

The Community Investment Board received 22 proposals from organisations across Southend seeking a total of over £140,000. The board appreciate the time and effort all those who sent in their ideas have put in and has shared feedback with them. They were delighted to support the following plans;

  1. Southend YMCA – £1,600 to support young people with 1:1 mentoring

2. Experience Project deliver by Whittingham Mission – £1,000 to provide a 10 week music therapy coursefor young people.

3. Hamstel Junior School – £2,197 to enhance their mental health support for young people in school.

4. Blenheim School – £2,000 for resources to support young people’s emotional wellbeing.

5. SOSRC – £3,203 to provide resources needed to deliver the activities of a girls’ group.

Board Member, Nate Doucette said, ‘this is the first time we have worked together since forming to assess and distribute funding; we were overwhelmed by the level of need and extremely high quality of the proposals shared with us.’

The Board will review progress on the grants given later in 2022 and plan to reopen the next £10,000 for use in 2023 in Autumn 2022. Information on how to apply will be placed here and sent out through the SAVS weekly email and social media channels. If you have any questions in the meantime please email or call 01702 356008 to speak with our Community Investment Fund Coordinator.