Community Builders

Connecting people, groups and organisations in Southend-on-Sea

We’re out and about in local communities, helping residents connect with each other and to amplify their voice. We discover local skills and resources, supporting residents to take action on what matters to them. Together we celebrate the wonderful things happening where you live. This is a pilot project currently live in Milton, Shoeburyness and Victoria Wards.

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The Team

Chiquitta Bruce (Milton)
07534 312867

Kayleigh Wilkins (Victoria)
07534 876274

Rob Carvosso (Shoebury)
07534 337503

How we can help


  • Meeting with local residents and groups to identify their gifts and passions
  • Encouraging people to build stronger communities and take action
  • Sharing useful and relevant local information
  • Signposting people to local riches: the groups, activities and services
  • Showcasing the fantastic things happening across Southend
  • Taking residents views and voices to the Local Authority and Health partners

Small Sparks Fund

Small Sparks Fund

The Small Sparks Fund provides grants of up to £100 to residents, businesses and community groups who want to make positive change within their communities.


A total of £3,300 is available in each of the areas; Milton, Shoebury and Victoria. £1,100 of which will be released every four months of the first year.

Small Sparks Process Image

Ideas and projects should fall within one or more of the Southend 2050 Themes; Pride and Joy, Safe and Well, Active and Involved, Opportunity and Prosperity or Smart and Connected.

We’re looking to fund ideas that promote local opportunity, strengthens connections or shares time and skills. Ideas should primarily benefit people who live within the area.

Small Sparks cannot be used to Fund:

  • Projects which promote political or religious aims.
  • Activities which financially benefit an individual, business or ‘for profit’ organisation.
  • Anything unlawful.

For more information about the Small Sparks Fund, use the button below to download our guide.

Small Sparks Fund Guidance Online Application Form

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Southend 2050 is the borough’s ambition for the future. It was developed following extensive conversations with those that live, work, visit, do business and study in Southend-on-Sea. These conversations asked people what they thought Southend-on-Sea should be like in 2050 and what steps are needed now, and in the coming years, to help achieve this. The ambition is grounded in the values of Southenders. It is bold and challenging and will need all  elements of our community to work together to make it a reality.

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