Southend-on-Sea Arts Council

About the Organisation

We are an Arts Council based in Southend on Sea, we promote the work of amateur arts organisations in the Borough with interest in Drama, Music, Written Word and Visual Arts, and more. 
We are a voluntary group of hard working individuals – only interested in advancing the local arts scene in Southend.  We hold a regular Open Day event to bring together all our member groups under one roof in a cohesive community based event with live performances throughout the day.
Our aims include hosting regular annual art and photography exhibition showcasing the best artistic talent in the borough and beyond.
Groups can advertise their upcoming events through our Twitter and Facebook streams and we produce a regular online newsletter. 
Local groups can also apply to our small grants funding stream if they wish to stage events subject to acceptance criteria they can receive grants up to £1,000.
We’ve been here since 1978 and our small committee will continue work for the local arts community well into the next decade.
All contact via the website.

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