Community Investment Board Update

Community Investment Board Update

The Community Investment Board will soon start deciding how up to £1.5 million will be distributed to the community of Southend-on-Sea. The board is made up of people from across Southend-on-Sea who all have experience of using various community, health and social care services as well as the arts and culture. The individual board members are giving their time as volunteers.

Previously the Council distributed different grants, but as approved by Cabinet in November, £1.5m will now be moved from the Council to be hosted by SAVS on behalf of the Community Investment Board. Neither the Council nor SAVS have control or say in how the funding is spent, it is completely up to the Board. The only requirement is that it must support delivery of the Southend 2050 vision.

In the coming weeks, the board will meet to agree the priorities and initial thoughts on how to go forward. The board has three years to distribute the funds and can do it in any way they like. This may not be anything like the traditional grant application the Council used in the past.

In addition to the board, an Advisory Group is being created to bring together local voluntary and community groups, local health and care professionals. The purpose of this group is to support the board by providing information and advice to help them make decisions about where and how to spend the money for the community. Anyone from these sectors will be able to join the Advisory Group. The first meeting of the Advisory Group will take place in the Autumn.

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Jamie Langstone