Covid-19 and Flu Vaccination Campaign Resources

Covid-19 and Flu Vaccination Campaign Resources

Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign


The Covid-19 vaccine will be one of the best ways of protecting yourself and starting to get back on the path to normality.

Healthcare workers, social care workers and care home staff will get the free, MHRA approved vaccine.

Resources for the campaign are available on the Campaign Resource Centre to be shared across your channels and networks locally. These include:


Flu Vaccination Campaign

With December upon on us it is more important than ever to continue encouraging those who are eligible for the free flu vaccination to get theirs.

Therefore, we have developed a new range of festive-themed assets encouraging health and social care workers to get their free flu vaccination, to help protect them, their family and their patients or those they care for ahead of the holiday season. You can now download the festive assets.

Other resources to support the Health and Social Care Workers campaign are still available to download or order on our Campaign Resource Centre, including the ‘I’ve had my jab’ sticker.

The public-facing campaign has a range of new assets available on the Campaign Resource Centre, these include:

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