Dog of the Week – Charlie Boys Angels

Dog of the Week – Charlie Boys Angels


Hi 👋 everyone…I’m Chalky. I’m around 7-8 years old. Some of you might have seen me on here before! My aunties Lynne and Karla said that I’m a bit famous so I thought I would give you all an update about my life.

The last few years have been a bit tricky for me and I’ve lived in lots of different places and with different people. Sometimes things weren’t easy for the hoomans that looked after me and it meant they couldn’t always look after me properly. Sometimes I was left on my own for a long time which made me scared, and sometimes I had to walk around a lot and that made me tired. But I’m a pretty chilled guy and I love people so I got on with it. A few months ago some things happened with my hooman and I went to the kennels for a little while. They hoomans there were really nice and looked after me but it wasn’t home.

Well a few months ago my luck changed and I went to live with my hoomum Hannah, my hooman sister Maddie, grandad and my fur sister Bonita. I was only meant to stay for 2 weeks, and initially it was a bit tricky as I was unsettled and Bonita is another rescue dog from a place called Romania 🇷🇴. I’d never heard of it before! Apparently the lovely people at a charity called Broken Halo arranged for Bonita to live with my mum. Bonita has also had a tricky start in life so we didn’t always get on and caused my mum a few problems. Well I’m pretty charming and now I’m staying with them forever…and that’s just pawfect for me! Because we’re a family we worked out our problems and now Bonita is my little fur sister and best mate.

Here are my favourite things since moving to my mum’s house:

🐾 barking at her to let I know I want treats


🐾 sleeping on my mums pillows

🐾 silently farting 💨 at my mum when I’m sleeping

🐾 wrestling with my sister

🐾 going to the woods and nature reserve for walks

🐾 making new hooman and dog mates

🐾 chewing tennis balls

🐾 backing my sister up when she’s barking at squirrels outside our windows

🐾 jumping on my mum and nearly knocking her over


Well this bit is a bit complicated. After I went to live with my mum she took me to the vet for a check-up. I had some lumps and bumps and the vets said that they needed to check them out. I’ve had a couple of operations and I didn’t enjoy that very much as it put me off my dinner 🍽. It turns out that I’ve got a couple of lumps which are skin cancer. This means I’ve got to have more treatment and my mum says this is going to cost a lot of money 💰. She told me that the people on here have already sent money to help with my surgery and help other animals that need to see the vets. Thanks so much to everyone who helps Aunty Lynne and Aunty Karla. I know they really appreciate it and so do the other animals 🐶 🐈 🐇 🦎.

Charlie Boys Angels have organised a charity walk on 23rd October. I’ll be there with my mum and Bonita and ready to make friends with you all 🥰. There are also other fundraising events like a bingo night and a charity Chinese 🍜 meal coming up. Apparently I’m not allowed to the meal as I will try and steal the prawn toast!

Thanks for helping me and all the other animals. Love from Chalky ❤️

Jamie Langstone