Elkington House Announcement – Southend Blind Welfare Organisation

Elkington House Announcement – Southend Blind Welfare Organisation

Southend Blind Welfare Organisation, the local independent sight loss charity announces the future closure of its care home, Elkington House on Imperial Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea.

This decision has been taken because of the changing nature of the needs of the visually impaired in Southend and the support the charity seeks to offer that must meet those changing needs. The charity was set up with the objective of welfare support for visually impaired people and their families in Southend-on-Sea and adjacent areas. Elkington House had an important part to play in the early days of Southend Blind Welfare Organisation but it is in less demand now for the visually impaired as a care home. Recent years have seen it move away from the central aim of the charity.

The charity’s Community Services Division, named Southend in Sight, offers an extensive variety of everyday support for a wide range of people, young and old. From social activities to special equipment for daily living, from hospital liaison to IT training, the demand on its services is high and is set to increase. Southend in Sight will be able to continue and develop its important work in the community and to cater for more people in the future once the charity has consolidated its activities to the Resource Centre within its base at Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.

The Board of Trustees Chair , Russell Cable quotes
“We are tremendously proud of the loyal and dedicated staff at Elkington House who provide an exemplary standard of care for the residents. Many of the staff have worked at the home for more than a decade. The decision to close Elkington House has not been taken lightly and it is with great regret that we must follow this course of action. The charity was set up in the 1950s to benefit the blind and visually impaired. At that time there was a need for a residential home for people with sight loss but as time has moved on, the charity’s work has changed and evolved so we now work much more with people in the community and in their own homes. The Board of Trustees is clear that more can be done to help a greater number of people living with sight loss or visual impairment by focusing on the work done by Southend in Sight and the many innovative ideas and plans it has for the future.”

Elkington House will close by the end of January 2022. All residents will be helped to find alternative accommodation and the staff and trustees will work closely with relatives to ensure a
smooth transition.

Jamie Langstone