Environmental Hero Packs – Anglian Water & Turning Tides

Environmental Hero Packs – Anglian Water & Turning Tides

Anglian Water and the Turning Tides Team at SAVS are excited to offer FREE Environmental Hero Activity Packs to residents in Southend. The packs provide information about how we can look after our Seafront and environment.

Many of us love cooking up a delicious treat for the family in the kitchen, but for Anglian Water’s sewer technicians the ‘dish of the day’ when they get called out to a blockage is food waste and fat.

These can mix together with wipes and other un-flushable items to create a disgusting fatberg which can lead to flooding and pollution of the local environment.

The hero that can save the day is the trusty kitchen bin! And its handy sidekick the compost caddy can play its part too. Anglian Water have put together some helpful resources and information to show you how to dispose of waste correctly and do your bit to keep our sewers clear.

We’ve got over 120 free activity and information packs to give away, each containing:

  • A Family Activity Book
  • Information to help look after the local environment
  • A Handy Oil Funnel
  • A Gunk Pot
  • Sink Strainer
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Colour pencils


And much more!

If you’d like a free activity pack, please send us your name and address to turningtides@savs-southend.co.uk or call 01702 356070 and a member of the Turning Tides Team will hand-deliver it to you.

You can learn lots more about the work Anglian Water do, and their ‘Environmental Hero’ campaign by visiting their website at: www.anglianwater.co.uk/

Jamie Langstone