Essex Wide Virtual Careers Fair Available from 3rd May – 23th May – Southend Borough Council

Essex Wide Virtual Careers Fair Available from 3rd May – 23th May – Southend Borough Council

We are delighted to announce that an Essex Wide Virtual Careers Fair will be available for all Secondary schools and colleges across Essex for a three week period from 3rd May – 24th May. Essex is full of exciting opportunities and the Virtual Careers Fair aims to showcase employers and careers from a range of key growth sectors across the region. This opportunity is completely free of charge to all schools and colleges and is being delivered by STEM Learning in partnership with The Southend Enterprise Adviser Network.

If you would like to offer the Careers Fair in your school/ college or would like any other information please email me

The link to the Careers Fair will be sent shortly before the Fair is launched on the 3rd May, but in the meantime we are asking schools and colleges to start allocating time for young people to access the Careers Fair. More information below:

About The Essex Virtual Careers Fair


Sneak peeks of some of the virtual stands


Ideas on running the Virtual Careers Fair in your school/ college

  • We recommend allocating a one hour slot for each young person to access the Virtual Careers Fair from year 7 – year 13
  • The Careers Fair can be set:
    • Individually or as a group in PSHE / Careers Lessons
    • Individually as homework by different subject teachers to explore the employers relating to their subjects
    • Individually as homework to explore the whole Careers Fair
    • As a group during tutor times over a one week/ two week period



  • Young people will need to have access to a computer if exploring the event individually or alliteratively the Fair could be projected onto the main screen by the teacher for a group session


To follow shortly                           

  • Quiz for young people to complete as they are taking part in the Careers Fair (optional)
  • List for teachers highlighting stalls relevant to their subjects
Jamie Langstone