Family Services Project

Family Services Project

Our project is to find out your views on family services. The council is looking at redesigning services as part of the Southend 2050 ambitions.

An important conversation has been happening across Southend-on-Sea since the summer of 2018 called ‘Southend 2050’.

Southend 2050 has explored what kind of place we all want Southend-on-Sea to become and to understand what we all need to do to create it.

Thousands of people have taken part across the borough, through numerous events, workshops, forums and surveys.

The feedback from Southend 2050 has been used to develop a long term ambition for Southend-on-Sea.

In this project we are looking at Children Centres whose purpose is to improve services for all young children and their families.

child development and school readiness
parenting wishes and parenting skills
child and family health and life chances

Southend Currently has 9 Children Centres- Blenheim, Centre Place, Cambridge Road, Eastwood, Friars, Hamstel, Summercourt, Prince Avenue and Temple Sutton.

We want you to let us know what you think about.

Good examples of services you have attended ?
How services have helped you and your child ?
How can we make Children Centres better for you?

We would like families across Southend to be involved.