Feel Good January | ActiveEssex

Feel Good January | ActiveEssex

With the festive season well and truly over and maybe the January blues starting to kick in, we thought it would be an ideal time to talk about physical health and wellbeing. Throughout January Active Essex will be sharing lots of tips, advice and resources to help Greater Essex residents kick start the new year on the right foot.

Feel Good January aims to change behaviour and attitudes towards physical activity and mental health, which will be boosted by Active Essex’s array of guest video speakers each week. Every week welcomes a new focus and these are outlined below:

  • Feel good you (4th – 10th January)

This week is about encouraging positive changes, setting goals and reflecting on what individuals want to achieve

  • Do it for you (11th – 17th January)

This week is about behaviour change, motivation and changing attitudes towards physical activity and mental health

  • Look after you (18th – 24th January)

This week is about health and wellbeing and ways to set yourself up for the day, achieve aspirations, holistic approaches/techniques and ways to stay mentally fit

  • Feel good this year (25th – 31st January)

Our final week is based around personal goals and striving to help communities. We will be running a competition on our social media, so we welcome you to share and like this post.

Jamie Langstone