Forward Motion: Smarter Travel Fund – Enabling Healthier Journeys

Forward Motion: Smarter Travel Fund – Enabling Healthier Journeys

The Community Investment Board are working with Forward Motion to administer the Smarter Travel of a total £15,000, to which groups can apply for up to £3,000 to encourage Southend residents to take healthier journeys, to work, school, social activities etc. The fund can be used to support work with adults (16+) who currently take part in little or no physical activity to increase their activity levels when making journeys. Activities need to take place in Southend and promote active and sustainable travel. Venue hire, sessional worker costs, promotion, equipment and training can be covered by this fund.

Examples of already funded activities include;

  1. Welcome to the UK are delivering training on how to use public transport for those new to Southend from Ukraine.
  2. Stephen’s Place are supporting their residents to benefit from bikes and how to use them as part of their recovery from addiction and homelessness.


To apply please read this guidance to click through to the simple application form.

You are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later as although the fund may re-open once spent they will be closed. Funds need to be spent by 31 March 2023.

Jamie Langstone