Free Training and Webinars – May and June 2023 – Southend Safeguarding Partnership (SSP)

Free Training and Webinars – May and June 2023 – Southend Safeguarding Partnership (SSP)


  1. Talking About Anxiety in Schools and Colleges (Anna Freud – NCCF – 22.06.23)
  2. Speaking to children about sexual abuse (CSCSA – 05.06.23 / 21.09.23)
  3. Spotting the signs and indicators of child sexual abuse (CECSA – 07.06.23 / 09.08.23)
  4. Child Exploitation Faith Forum (NWG – 06.06.23)
  5. Mental Capacity Masterclass (MSE Foundation NHS Trust – 15.06.23)
  6. CAMH journal 2023 Lecture (ACAMH 20.06.23)
  7. Early Years child development training (DfE – Online training)


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22.05.23 – 1630-1800
Talking About Anxiety in Schools and Colleges
Anna Freud – National Centre for Children and Families
Through our work with education staff, we regularly hear that anxiety amongst young people is a key concern in education settings. Anxious feelings are a normal part of life, and a natural reaction to potentially stressful situations. However, it can be difficult for staff to know how to help young people when they are experiencing anxiety, and when the problem has become more severe and may require additional help. In this seminar, we will explore the difference between normal anxious feelings and anxiety disorders, and share practical advice on supporting pupils who are experiencing anxiety at school. We will be joined by expert panellists from clinical and education backgrounds (to be announced), who will be exploring the topic and closing the session with an interactive Q&A.
Learning outcomes
This seminar will:
1. provide practical tips for education professionals to use in school and college settings
2. provide some additional knowledge and understanding around the difference between normal anxious feelings and anxiety disorders, and when to seek professional help
3. provide helpful signposting to materials and resources
Who is this seminar suitable for?
This seminar is suitable for all school and college leaders and staff, particularly those with a responsibility for mental health. This seminar is also open to educational psychologists, and any allied professionals interested in supporting mental health in schools and colleges.


05.06.23 1600-1700
21.09.23 0900-1000
Speaking to children about sexual abuse
Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse
Do you know how to engage children when you have concerns they may have been sexually abused? Or how to respond when children tell us they are being or have been sexually harmed? webinar aims to help professionals understand what prevents children from talking about their abuse, and what professionals can do to help children share what they have experienced or may be happening, putting our Communicating with Children Guide into practice.


07.06.23 1230-1330
09.08.23 1600-1700
Spotting the signs and indicators of child sexual abuse
Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse
Are you confident in your knowledge of the signs and indicators of sexual abuse and sexually abusive behaviour, and the factors which increase children’s vulnerability to sexual harm? Would you like guidance on how to use our Signs and Indicators Template, to help you build a picture of your concerns when you are worried about a child? In this session we aim to give professionals working with children the knowledge and confidence to gather the wider the emotional, behavioural and physical signs and indicators of sexual abuse.


06.06.23 1000-1200
Child Exploitation Faith Forum
Welcome, Introductions and national updates – NWG Safeguarding in Faith Team
1. 10:10 – 10:30 The role of the NWG Faith Lead – Pav Kaur – NWG Faith Lead
2. 10:30 – 11:00 Guest Speaker – Kathleen Hallisey- Hugh James Experienced UK and US qualified litigator specialising in abuse in Religious Organisations.
3. 11:00 – 11:30 Group Consultation – Working together to promote safer cultures in Faith.
4. 11:30 – 11:45 IICSA Changemakers TBC – Clare Kelly – NSPCC – IICSA Changemakers; Clare Kelly Programmes Lead for the IICSA Changemakers would like to brief colleagues on the creation of the changemakers as well as describe the focus of their work and specifically ask for engagement over the coming months in jointly responding to government on consultations that directly connect to the IICSA recommendations
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5. 11:45 – 12:00 AOB, closing remarks and thank you


15.06.23 1200-1600
Mental Capacity Masterclass
Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust
Workshop for MCA focusing on:
1. When to complete a mental capacity assessment
2. How to complete a good mental capacity assessment
3. Mental capacity assessment age-16 & 17
4. Best interest decisions age 16 & 17 vs adults
5. Providing urgent /lifesaving care in A&E for adults and children ( consideration of MHA & MCA)
Presented by, Alex Ruck Keene, one of the leading KCs in the country on Mental Capacity Law.
This event will be open to MSE staff and our community partners.


20.06.23 1400-1600
CAMH journal 2023 Lecture
The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
CAMH journal 2023 Lecture is a free webinar featuring a series of lectures from leading researchers, academics and practitioners on key topics in the field of child and adolescent mental health. We are delighted to have a keynote lecture from Professor Sir Michael Marmot. The event will be hosted by the CAMH journal Editor in Chief Professor Bernadka Dubicka.
Keynote lecture from Professor Sir Michael Marmot
Speakers; Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Dr. Cornelius Ani, Dr. Matthew Hodes, Rhiannon Hawkins, Professor Lina Gega, Dr. Hiran Thabrew, Dr. Rachel Elvins, Dr. Praveetha Patalay, and Professor Sonia Livingstone


Early Years child development training
Department for Education
This free, online training provides an overview of child development and gives practical advice for supporting the development of children in your early years setting.
About this training course: Each training module on this site covers an important area of child development and has been written by early years experts, working with the Department for Education.
Why should I take this training? This training:
1. is free for childminders and nurseries
2. combines theory with practical tips and ideas to use in your setting
3. includes opportunities to reflect on your practice
4. reinforces your understanding through learning check questions and tests
5. links to additional resources
6. offers the opportunity to download certificates of completion
7. has been developed by expert practitioners

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