Free Wi-Fi with BT

Free Wi-Fi with BT

BT is offering free Wi-Fi voucher codes to families with children from early years up to 16, and care leavers up to 25 if they:

  • don’t have access to a fixed broadband connection
  • cannot afford the additional data needed to access educational resources or social care services
  • have access to a BT hotspot (coverage varies depending on where you live)

Every voucher comes with content filtering, and one voucher can be used on up to three devices at once. Vouchers will work until the end of December 2020.

Before requesting a code please check that you are able to access BT Hotspot coverage please use the following link.

More information on eligibility can be found here.

If you are would like a free Wi-Fi code to access educational online content please email Rosie.

I have also attached a leaflet produced by the team to highlight how people can access the internet in Southend.