Game Design – STEM at Prince’s Trust

Game Design – STEM at Prince’s Trust

The Get Started with Games Design course involves young people exploring how the structure of games work, and the process of creating different levels, characters, plots, and narratives, before setting them the challenge to create their own games.

Under guidance from our delivery partners, the young people spend a day brainstorming and identifying a game themes and ideas, and then get into teams to get to work on planning, coding and bringing their game ideas to life.

From creating Victorian haunted house thriller games and out of this world Pangea battle games, to military training games and games that get characters to other planets, the young people’s creativity on our games design courses has been second to none.

The young people have also had the opportunity to visit the offices of Sony, one of the programme funders, to put their networking skills to the test and find out more about employment within the gaming industry. With the CV and interview advice from Prince’s Trust programme executives, coupled with the STEM skills they’ve acquired, there are lots of ways young people can apply what they learn from the course in the future.

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