Good News Stories from our Community Builders (11th – 17th July) – SAVS

Good News Stories from our Community Builders (11th – 17th July) – SAVS

Introducing the latest series from SAVS, Good News Stories from our Community Builders!

Each week we will take a look at what our builders have been up to and share a handful of their community stories from the week.

Chiquitta Bruce, Milton – Sponsored by Milton Community Partnership

Chiquitta has been going along to the Coffee and Conversation session at the Havens Community Hub, down Hamlet Court Road. Since they started up the sessions she sees herself as being a welcomed familiar face. Week by week the group has continued to grow with new faces coming along for a natter. The group was formed to tackle loneliness and everyone is free to come along where they will be welcomed into a non-judgemental group with refreshments which are kindly donated by the Hamlet Court road Co-op.

Occasional different people from the community also pop in, including local PCSO Angela Westall who is on hand to speak about anything of concern as well as offering advice on staying safe and Chaplain Sarah from St. Albans church who is always on hand for a laugh and a kind word. The group is on every Wednesday from 1:30pm-3:30pm is always open for new people to come along, there is no expectation for anyone to stay the whole duration but they love it when you do!

Kayleigh Wilkins, Victoria – Sponsored by St Vincent’s Southend

I spoke to a lady called Maggie who lives down Claremont road and says she has lived here for 30 years and used to think the area was a nice place to live. Now she says there are more people hanging around the area who drink and do drugs and doesn’t feel as safe as she used too. Her daughter lives near by too and works near the area and she says she worries about her when she’s working as she has two young kids too. She also mentioned a Facebook group for Claremont road that I should join after explaining to her what my job role is and what I do. She told me she has wrote a book about her life adventures and the places she has worked and is currently writing the second book. Also in conversation she mentioned there being a children’s home down her road where people are always coming out and going to smoke on the corner of the road.

Rob Carvosso, Shoebury – Sponsored by Shoebury Residents Association

10 young carers recently left for a weekend residential trip to Southampton. This is a national event for young carers to attend and it would have been the first time they attend. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet like minded others of there own age and to have a break from providing care for others.

Many thanks to the local community who came together to provide weekend bags for them to take away. The Red hot stichers provided bags that they had made for them and Lorraine from Asda had provided snacks toasties in West Road provided lovely sandwiches, Hunt Roach gave water bottles and stationary and Chris Gosling gave sweet treats. It was really great to see the community come together and support other parts of the community who had a well deserved trip.

Many thanks to those who agreed to support others for free, it’s what makes community great

Jamie Langstone