Good News Stories from our Community Builders (20th February to 5th March) – SAVS

Good News Stories from our Community Builders (20th February to 5th March) – SAVS

Rob Carvosso, Shoebury – Sponsored by Shoebury Residents Association & Chiquitta Bruce, Milton – Sponsored by Milton Community Partnership

Last Friday Chiquitta and Rob went along to a Job fair in Southend to chat and talk to people looking for employment or considering a career change. It was great for them to chat with local people about working in the local community and talk about the diverse opportunities to work in the voluntary sector and the role of community builders in Southend.

They met lots of different people during the session from across the community and they found it really interesting to hear their residents’ stories & backgrounds. Many people were surprised by the number of different roles that the voluntary sector has and the important work that they do in supporting the wider community.

Over the coming year, the community builders are hoping to be out and about at different pop-up events, so if you see them, do pop by and say hello

Get in touch with Rob:
07534 337503

Get in touch with Chiquitta:
07534 312867

Kayleigh Wilkins, Victoria – Sponsored by St Vincent’s Southend

Kayleigh was recently added to the Claremont Road WhatsApp group where she got involved in a conversation about doing a group litter pick for the area on Friday 17th February. Kayleigh went along to help out with the litter pick and get to know the local residents. A lady who planned the litter pick spoke about getting more litter picks, hoops and gloves etc to be able to run these litter picks once a month as they were all doing it separately along their street beforehand, so Kayleigh explained about the Small Sparks Funding and how it can help grow their group with the resources to do so.

She was very excited to hear about it but a bit reluctant as she had applied for other funding in the past and has been a bit overwhelmed with the amount you have to fill out for it. She explained to her that it is a very simple form and offered to sit with her to fill it out. The form has now been completed and submitted thanks to the help from Kayleigh. The lady was very happy at the prospect of getting accepted for the funding so that they can expand their group and get local residents involved in taking care of their area and having pride in where they live.

Get in touch with Kayleigh:
07534 876274

Jamie Langstone