Good News Stories from our Community Builders (22nd August – 4th September) – SAVS

Good News Stories from our Community Builders (22nd August – 4th September) – SAVS

Rob Carvosso, Shoebury – Sponsored by Shoebury Residents Association

Local residents and businesses came together with the community to start improving the planters that are in and around the West Road Shops in Shoeburyness. The damaged planter was removed and replaced, once the first 3 planters were cleared the replacement and new planting could begin.

It’s really good to see local residents and businesses support the project to make a better space for them and people using the shops on West Road. Next time if others want to get involved keep an eye out or contact me details are below. Many thanks to Foxgloves of west Road and Josh Warner, a local gardener for their time and for donating plants for the community project.

Get in touch with Rob:
07534 337503


Kayleigh Wilkins, Victoria – Sponsored by St Vincent’s Southend

“I spoke to a man named Waqar who told me he owns a lot of properties around the area including the children’s home on Claremont road who I have made contact with. He also owns a lot of houses for people who want to get rid of addictions and can get that support in these types of housing. He recognised my uniform and said he knows SAVS and has done some work with them in the past so I explained my job role and what I do.”

Get in touch with Kayleigh:
07534 876274


Chiquitta Bruce, Milton – Sponsored by Milton Community Partnership

The Milton Community Partnership at St. Marks church had a jam-making lesson with the lovely Fiona of Trustlinks. Milton’s youth were able to get fully involved with the whole process from start to finish, chopping fruit, mixing in sugar, temperature checking and of course the all-important taste test. Chiquitta helped throughout and saw the enjoyment everyone got from the wholesome activity. She said, “It’s great seeing the youth wanting to get involved with something reminiscent of the past and something they may not get to do at home”

Get in touch with Chiquitta:
07534 312867

Jamie Langstone