Good News Stories from our Community Builders (6th – 12th June) – SAVS

Good News Stories from our Community Builders (6th – 12th June) – SAVS

Introducing the latest series from SAVS, Good News Stories from our Community Builders!

Each week we will take a look at what our builders have been up to and share a handful of their community stories from the week.

Chiquitta Bruce, Milton
St. Marks church hall in Princes street has been chosen as one of the sites to run one of Trustlinks Eco days project. This particular project is ‘Grow Milton Green’ and has now been running a couple of weeks with Fiona. The project aims to get local people from the community involved in “making Milton a better place to be”. Chiquitta has been helping to support Fiona who so far has organised litter picking, the planting of edibles, created a mini wildlife pond and had a session of making celebration bunting. Local people from the area are encouraged to come and get involved in any way they can to help shape their community. Chiquitta is hoping to get a few local groups participating with upcoming events and will be encouraging them to come to the site and get involved.

Kayleigh Wilkins, Victoria
Vittorio and Kayleigh met with Elias and Fiona at Trustlinks to speak about the event that they are running at Southend Museum, they wanted to know if they had any availability for when the event is running to possibly come along and make some bug hotels or bird feeders etc to place within the green space next to the museum. Fiona said it could be possible to make some smaller bug hotels to place around but somehow make them so people passing through cannot destroy them. They also know of a group called Down to Earth who run short gardening classes with members of the community and feels as though they would love to be involved with the green space and continue to maintain the space afterwards. They would like to arrange a day when they can come and see the green space themselves before the event but are very keen to be involved.

Rob Carvosso, Shoebury
On the 19th of May a community drop-in event was held at Asda Shoebury. The event was held between Lorraine the Asda community partner, the local community police officers and Shoebury community builder. The event was organised to enable local residents to pop in and chat about any issues that they wanted to raise, enjoy a coffee and cake and to support the community to find out a little more about what’s going on. Many issues were discussed such as open spaces, local crime issues and what people enjoy about living in Shoebury. The event was well attended and great to hear different views about community life, the next community drop-in will be planned for July.

Jamie Langstone