Grab the Jab Campaign Needs your Support

Grab the Jab Campaign Needs your Support

We would like to ask whether you could please support us with our new campaign, designed to support and encourage young people across our borough, to take up the COVID vaccine. We have poster packs ready here and would happily send them to you if you would be so kind as to display them in your premises? Please let us know who I can address them to, and where best to send them, and we’ll have them delivered to you directly.

What’s the campaign about?

Titled, “Grab The Jab,” this campaign aims to dangle the carrots of the key activities we have missed, and encourage younger people to get their lives back, but safely and with the vaccine.

With the main headline of “I’d give my right arm to….” It plays on getting a vaccine in your arm, along with really wanting to do the things we used to do, and feel safe whilst doing so. There are versions of the campaign based on holidays, pubs and bars, nightclubs, seeing family safely, and getting back to watching sport in a safe environment.

Some examples of these posters are viewable on our Flickr account. There are also a few videos there that we’d be grateful if you could please share on social media. Thank you so much in advance if you’re able to support this campaign, so we can all work to keep Southend open and safe.

Please let us know by reply if you could put up some posters and we will have them delivered to you at of course absolutely no cost by emailing

Jamie Langstone