Household Support Funding – Southend Emergency Fund

Household Support Funding – Southend Emergency Fund

We are pleased to announce that the Southend Emergency Fund has received more funding from Southend City Council under the Household Support Funding scheme.

The purpose of the fund is to award grants to support small third-sector organisations (with an annual income of less than £500,000) that provide assistance to vulnerable households.

Full details are included below. Please note that there are a couple of changes compared to previous rounds of Household Support Funding including:

  • This fund is now restricted to organisations/projects with an annual income/turnover of less than £500,000
  • Applications are now submitted online using this form (please email us if you need a Word Document version instead)
  • Applicants can only apply once for this round of funding, up to £5,000


The areas of support vulnerable households could receive is outlined below;

  • Access to food
  • Access to support with energy and water bills
  • Access to support with wider essentials, which may include, but are not limited to, support with other bills including broadband or phone bills, clothing, council tax, and items linked to support with energy and water such as soap, toiletries, blankets, sanitary products


The funds cannot be used to

  • Assist with mortgage payments and arrears
  • The provision of advice services such as debt advice
  • Purchase of mobile phones/IT equipment
  • Pay administration/management costs
  • Purchase storage/cooking equipment
  • Pay towards or all of the costs relating to being a ‘Warm Space’


Top Tips

  • The fund is to support individual residents of Southend. When writing your application, ensure you are clear about who and how the funding will help
  • Let us know how you have identified and assessed a need
  • Provide details about how the funding will be used for specific support (e.g. purchasing emergency food or paying electricity bills), how much (e.g. £20 per week on food, £30 for energy bills) and how funds will be distributed (e.g. organisation to purchase food for parcels, top-up card for energy)
  • Be sure to include how many individuals or families your project will support, as well as how many older people if relevant


Applicants can apply for up to £5,000 to support vulnerable households in Southend. Applicants can only apply once during this round of funding. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis.

To apply for this round of funding, please complete this online application form.

Due to the limited amount of funds available and the expected number of applications, we strongly advise that you submit your application by Tuesday 8th November to have the best chance of approval. The panel will be meeting weekly on a Wednesday from 2nd November until the funding has all been awarded.

If you have any questions, please email Roger at, or the main SEF email address which is:

Many Thanks,
The Southend Emergency Fund Team

Jamie Langstone