Infant Mental Health: Level 1 Training

Infant Mental Health: Level 1 Training

New online training starting on 14th September. Free. Registration now open.

Together with Baby, Parent Infant Mental Health Service, would like to invite you to attend an exciting new training to understand more about Infant Mental Health and its importance. This live interactive Infant Mental Health: Level 1 training, begins on 14th September 2020 with Module 1: What is Infant Mental Health, and its importance in building positive wellbeing.
The training consists of two blocks of 3 webinars, each ending with a reflective session. Each webinar will be on a different aspect of infant mental health. Please see the attached programme for the full list of modules.

The training is designed to meet the Association of Infant Mental Health (AIMH) Level 1 Infant Mental Health Competencies Framework.
Please see the attached flyer and programme for more information, and follow the links below to register now for the training.

Modules 1-3

Modules 4-6

We are really looking forward to meeting all of you that are able to attend this training.