Keeping children safe online

Keeping children safe online

KLIMAX Family Hub would like invite parents and young people of high school age to join our FREE online training session to help you navigate life online. (Depending on your age you may need your parent’s permission to join us.)

The parent’s workshops will look at the online world and how our young people are using it. How they are navigating around restrictions and using the internet without the parent’s knowledge.


This will include their favourite apps and games. We will also look at the dangers they face not only from predatory bad people but also how they are being groomed in games which ranges from receiving gifts for the younger player and being groomed on servers for the older children.


We will look at how all our young people are being influenced online and forming ideologies and views that might be diametric to the parents, which can also give them a skewed view of the world. We also look how influencers work, which can lead our children to conduct dangerous challenge


We also look at solutions that parents can adopt to help keep their children safe which again this ranges from settings on apps to safe use of games and how parents should approach the online arena. We also take the Stranger Danger message that parents are familiar with and make it ready for 2020/21.

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