Launching the 99 by 19 website with the full list!

Launching the 99 by 19 website with the full list!

Southend’s Cultural Education Partnership is thrilled to release the new 99 by 19 website, containing the complete list of activities as selected by young people from the borough through a series of artist led workshops taking place over the past two years.

The website contains all 99 items, including ‘Make your hobby your job’, ‘Support a creative cause’, ‘Carry out Investigative Journalism’ and ‘Invent something new’. It also includes stories from young people that have started to complete items through the Young Researchers project, such as the Essex Steamettes who chose to ‘Meet and Artist’. One of their members said;

“I had the pleasure of meeting Digital Artist and Composer Lily Hunter Green who uses drones to mimic honeybee behaviour in a hive. I had a great time programming the drones and seeing my code run, it was my first time doing a collaborative project with an artist and it was a wonderful experience.”

The items of the list are designed to expand the minds of young people in Southend by promoting skill sets needed to survive in the twenty-first century. We aim to engage children with their future whilst reflecting on the current climate, encouraging young people to express their thoughts and emotions in creative ways and challenge them to approach difficult situations with confidence. Organisations, schools, youth groups and families are encouraged to get involved in the programme, supporting young people to achieve the activities they have selected to be part of the list.

Hayley Dixon, Deputy Director of Focal Point Gallery and Jill Readings, Deputy Head of Chase High Schools, who co-chair Southend’s Cultural Education Partnership say;

“The Cultural Education Partnership seeks to open the door to a world of cultural experiences for everyone in Southend, regardless of background, by bringing together the cultural, educational and youth sectors to create and promote opportunities and to facilitate participation by all. 99 by 19 is a great opportunity to come together through listening to the young people of the town by providing meaningful experiences to ready them to thrive in their future, whilst ensuring fun along the way!”

The new website has been built by Fraser Muggeridge studio, who developed the design following a workshop with students under 19 from South Essex College who responded to a client brief. A design by BTEC student Aaron Attard was selected and developed by the studio into the design now displayed on the site. The content on the website was collected and managed by Creative Learning Apprentice Katherine Hart, a position funded by the programme.

See the full list by visiting and get involved!

Jamie Langstone