Leigh Broadway Project: New Work Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students

Leigh Broadway Project: New Work Opportunities for Disadvantaged Students

Sheila Webb of Hood Group Ltd is planning to work with SAVS and local independent businesses launching a fantastic new scheme called the Leigh Broadway Project. The aim is to provide disadvantaged students from the Southend City catchment area, ideally from deprived wards such as Kursaal, Milton, and Victoria, with a ‘make-over’ and transferrable skills through a temporary work experience opportunity.

The concept is that this opportunity may, in turn, lead to a permanent position elsewhere in a salon, college or in a retail or hospitality environment.

We have already delivered a ‘proof-of-concept’ piece with a young carer having been placed in a Leigh Beauty salon and day spa, located on Leigh Broadway. This scheme is in its infancy so we are asking you to let us know if this would be of interest to your organisation or someone you work with in your roles. We would love for an organisation to work with us to help provide experiences to disadvantaged students or for people to be referred to this scheme so we can support their next steps in life.

The benefits back to you are that you will have a loyal and dedicated member of your team adding diversity and demonstrating that you are an inclusive employer.

The candidate is offered interview training skills and application form completing skills and assistance, if they have not already received these through another source, from Hood Group.

The candidate will then be interviewed for a temporary work experience role at your business.  If the candidate is successful, the expectation is that you would as their employer pay the minimum wage, provide any uniform and allow day-release to the local college if they are employed as an apprentice.

They will initially be given a 2-4 week placement and then, subject to an assessment of suitability on both parties, possibly a further period. The role will provide the candidate with the opportunity of regular work experience, interactions with more experienced members of your team and building requisite skills for their role and to progress into full-time employment opportunities

The candidate will be remunerated according to the minimum wage requirements and employment will be in line with working practices and UK law.

Responsibilities of the candidate:
When offered a temporary position through this initiative:

  • They will be expected to make ‘their own way’ from home to the place of employment, arriving on time for ‘shift’.
  • To attend for the agreed hours of work, or to call ahead if unable to attend due to illness at least xx minutes before shift start time, in line with the current protocols for employees
  • Attend college as required as part of any day-release apprenticeship package
  • Be polite and courteous to colleagues and clients or customers at all times
  • Deliver tasks allocated under instruction or after training
  • Wear uniform, if provided, and maintain a smart appearance
  • Show willingness to obtain new skills in order to progress


After the initial candidate has passed key stages, a review will take place to with key stakeholders to:

  • Ensure that the project aims are met and maintained
  • Take onboard any feedback and make reasonable adjustments


The view is for this to become a rolling project for the next 12 -18 months. If you would like to get involved as a referrer or a provider, please email media@savs-southend.co.uk

Jamie Langstone