Life East – Project Southchurch

Life East – Project Southchurch

Project Southchurch is a proactive group, aiming to work in partnership with Southend Borough Council, Police, local councillors, local agencies and other organisations operating within the boundaries of Southchurch.

Project Southchurch uses geographical, historical boundaries. The organisation will cover the council ward of Southchurch and areas within the wards of Thorpe, St Luke’s and Kursaal.

We aim to be an intermediatery organisation bringing together all groups, from a variety of issues facing residents and businesses. Our aim is to approach challenges as a community, to improve the area we live and work in. Uniting all to create one community, one voice – a COMMUNITY TOGETHER.

I’ve attached our document ‘Life East’, a framework for our vision and aims for the future of Southchurch. The document is wide ranging and at times ambitious. At the heart of the organisation will be our StreetSafe and The Core campaigns. Events connected with those projects, were the catalyst for the organisation’s foundation.

We have 2 community events that are designed to celebrate the diversity of Southchurch and Southend as a whole. HopeBox was due to take place the end of August, but will now take place in summer 2021. Urban & Retro Sports Day, we aim to host April or May 2021. Both events are being managed by our friends at Kiwi Productions. We will update you with attractions and dates over the coming months.

Like all individuals, businesses, organisations and agencies our progress has been delayed. As an organisation we are approximately 6 months behind our target. That said we have remained active during the pandemic.

Please contact me if you wish for any further information or to discuss Project Southchurch in more detail.

I hope that you, your families, friends and colleagues are safe and well. Our thoughts are with you if you have been affected by this brutal virus.

Rob McAvoy

Co-Founder – Project Southchurch