Live Projects – Your Say Southend

Live Projects – Your Say Southend

Where we live is important to us all and we want to make it the best place it can be and we cannot do that alone. We need your help to tell us about the issues, the positives and negatives on the subjects we are consulting on. It helps us to formulate improvements, projects and policies that are inclusive in Southend-on Sea for all that live here and come to visit.


Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022

We want to hear what you think of community pharmacy (or local chemists) services in Southend-on-Sea to help us develop services in the future. Everybody’s views are important to ensure the pharmacy services in Southend-on-Sea meet your needs. Your views will help us to develop future pharmacy services and how these are accessed.

Tell us what you think of community pharmacy services in Southend-on-Sea


Southend on Sea Borough Council’s Equality Objectives

As part of our public sector duty, under the Equality Act 2010, we are refreshing our equality objectives.

As a resident, worker, or visitor to Southend, we would like to know what equality, diversity and inclusion issues are important to you.


Housing in Later Life Consultation 2021

The number of people aged 55+ in Southend-on-Sea is expected to increase by 26% by 2040. We want to know what is important to you when thinking about your future housing and support.

Help us plan future housing and support around you


Civil Penalties under the Housing and Planning Act 2016 for offences under the Housing Act 2004

Landlords are required to comply with the law and proactively manage their properties. This is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of tenants are protected and their properties, and activities at their properties, are not having a negative effect on the neighbouring population. This is a consultation on the descriptions that are proposed to enable officers to determine the levels of financial penalty that could be applied.

Tell us your views


Southend-on-Sea’s City Status Bid

Sir David was renowned for mentioning Southend-on-Sea and City Status whenever he had the opportunity. A community-led bid was going be submitted in December as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. On 18 October 2021 however, The Prime Minister announced that Her Majesty the Queen will grant Southend-on-Sea City Status as a tribute to Sir David.

Tell us what does being a city mean to you?


Southend Bus Service Improvement Plan

The Bus Service Improvement Plan will be the Council’s document that sets out how it will improve local bus services over the coming years. This consultation wants to understand how you feel that bus services could be improved in your area. The feedback from this consultation will provide the information needed to identify key actions to improve local bus services across Southend.

Tell us how we can improve local bus services



Net Zero REMeDY Project

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is the lead partner in a project to provide low cost energy solutions for the Borough. Because over 80% of Southend’s carbon footprint is related to the emissions from homes (heating and electricity), transportation and businesses (heating and electricity), it is important for the Council to begin trialing and deploying solutions that will help us achieve the Council 2030 Net Zero commitment.

Please share your views and ideas


PlastiCity Project

The aim of PlastiCity is to increase the amount of plastic recycled by businesses in four European countries (UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands) from 20-30% to over 50%. To achieve this, we would like to work with the community to discover opportunities for recycling and harnessing plastic waste as a valuable resource.

Please join our community, share your views and ideas 


Music on Sea Engagement Space

Are you a student in Southend? We want to hear what music you want to take part in. We want to offer a range of music to Southend students. This is where we need your help.

We want you to share your stories of music. This can be music in school or out of school. We want to know what you do and don’t like. We also want to know what else you would like offered.

Post all your ideas and stories here.

Jamie Langstone