Liz Magor The Rise and The Fall – Focal Point Gallery

Liz Magor The Rise and The Fall – Focal Point Gallery

5th March to 10th June 2023, Launching Saturday 4th March

Focal Point Gallery is pleased to announce the first major solo exhibition in an English institution by Canadian artist Liz Magor.

Organised in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, the exhibition will subsequently tour to The Douglas Hyde Gallery of Contemporary Art, Dublin (14 July to 24 September 2023) and Fondazione Giuliani, Rome (23 October 2023 to January 2024).

Magor is well known internationally for work that explores a subjective relationship to the material world. Working with ubiquitous, manufactured objects that often go unnoticed, she transforms them using inventive sculptural techniques that locate them on a spectrum between still life and the uncanny. Things such as blankets, containers, clothing and toys are found in relationships that generate a sense of care and meaning beyond their original use or need.

The exhibition at Focal Point Gallery offers a focused selection of work from the last five years that considers Magor’s understanding of the presence of ‘agency’ within inanimate, material objects and her enquiry as to the source of their intrigue and emotional resonance. The way in which Magor’s work draws attention to discarded and apparently mundane objects, seems particularly relevant to current discussions about the economy of things and the role of material in our social, political and psychological lives.

We acknowledge the support of this exhibition from the Canada Council for the Arts, Henry Moore Foundation and Canada House.

With thanks to Marcelle Alix, Paris, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

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