Local services come together to deliver vaccinations to homeless residents

Local services come together to deliver vaccinations to homeless residents

Health and care partners across mid and south Essex have joined forces to protect the most vulnerable residents from ill-health this winter.

Wednesday 26 October saw a vaccination and health session take place at HARP Bradbury day centre to help prevent illness in those that are homeless.

The event saw multiple partners come together including the Hepatitis C Trust team, sexual health services (Brook Sexual Health), mental health services (Southend Mind) and drug and alcohol service, STARS.

HARP currently houses 220 temporary residents in its projects, ranging from those with multiple complex medical and social needs, to those closer to realising independent living.

Cecilia was one of the many people who decided to have their vaccination at the Bradbury Centre, she said “It’s important for me to have my vaccines because I support a friend who is on lots of medication, and I want to make sure I am protecting both of us by having my flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Dr Haroon Siddique, local GP who was supporting the delivery of vaccinations said: “It is incredibly important that we reach homeless people and provide them with their vaccinations. It can be difficult for them to access the healthcare that they need and that can be very dangerous.  We know that homeless people are at a higher risk of ill-health with many ending up in crisis in local hospitals.”

Throughout the winter, it is important that everyone does their bit to keep themselves, their loved ones, their community and their NHS safe this winter.

Find out more about how you can do your bit this winter by visiting this link: EssexDoYourBit.nhs.uk.

Jamie Langstone