Minibus Collaboration Required

Minibus Collaboration Required

Do you have access to a mini-bus or a vehicle that is hardly being used?

Would you like to be involved in a new travel proposal that may result in your charity being in receipt of an extra income with minimum organisation and won’t take your focus away from your charity objective?

We are looking to collaborate with local charities with the view of developing new Travel Procedures for young people in the area for reintegration into education. We are currently developing a proposal to Southend Council which will result in your charity receiving money for transporting anxious children to our reintegration centre.

What kind of charity are you looking for?
– Any! It doesn’t matter what your focus is, if you have access to a vehicle and want to increase your income, we might be able to collaborate.

What are the prerequisites?
– Your vehicle should already be used within your everyday charitable activities.

Why are you trying to push for reform?
– Everything is underfunded, and currently, children are going without valuable transport. Private Taxi-firms are profiting. What if the funding was to be redirected to local charities? Imagine the difference it could make.
– We have identified a gap in Transport Procedures, and we want to work to improve provision.

If you are interested in discussing the current issues and how we might be able to work together, get in contact!

Faye Owens