NEW VVU youth voices project with £90 donation (and chance to run multiple sessions)

NEW VVU youth voices project with £90 donation (and chance to run multiple sessions)

Our new Youth Voices Project to help the Essex Violence & Vulnerability unit set their priorities for work in 2023-2024 is now OPEN for groups to take part!

The VVU have listened to views from children and young people for that last 3yrs to help shape priorities and spending for their work to make young people feel safer in their communities. Thanks to these views we have seen many exciting changes happen and have been able to make improvements in safer spaces for young people. It is an exciting piece of work to get involved in, and the report produced, and the organisations that take part are promoted across many different networks in Essex. Your young people will also get the chance to help make massive changes in their community and make it a safer place to be.

This year the listening project is open to 5 groups in each district and will be our biggest project to date!

Can my group take part?

If you run youth sessions with at least *15 young people aged 11-25yrs as a part of an officially recognised charity or organisation then you can take part. Funding for this project is limited and we are hoping to involve 5 groups in each District of Essex (plus the unitary authorities of Southend & Thurrock).

Each organisation will receive £90 as a donation per ‘slot’ and if your organisation works across Districts and wants to run in multiple areas then you could receive up to £1,260 (if you are able to deliver in each district).

*You could choose to run the session with a couple of groups to make up the numbers if your groups are smaller, but the donation will still only be £90 to share  between those groups.

Engagement can be through face to face youth clubs, virtual sessions, detached work or even take place in schools. Groups need to be made up of the majority of 11- 25 year olds to take part in this project.

The session is made up of questions to answer and also includes games that might be fun for you to use with your group to promote discussion around each question. However, you do not need to use these if you don’t want to…but they are fun! The session should last no longer than 45minutes-1hr to run so can hopefully be run on your usual club night.

Feedback from the young people is submitted via the youth leader on a google forms link by the end of January 2023 at the latest and then we can be in touch about a £90 donation to your group, towards running costs (and refreshments for your group) for taking part. This is a way for the VVU to invest back into the voluntary sector groups who take part and thank them for their input.

Please note that:

  • Funding is limited, so all groups will need to have confirmed their place by emailing me at to ask for a space and a session plan.
  • All feedback from young people is anonymous & we do not collect any data that will identify them to others.
  • Feedback will make a difference!


Let me know asap if you would like to take part as we would love to hear from your young people, and spaces will fill up very quickly.

Jamie Langstone