News from Southend Street Pastors

News from Southend Street Pastors

Southend Street Pastors 

Have you ever wondered how Jesus would have dealt with the world today such as the pandemic, Earthquakes, Stabbings, shootings, and spiking of drinks, Mental Health issues would it have altered his ministry of engaging with People in the communitys around the world?

The demise of the night-time economy and restrictions meant Southend Street Pastors couldn’t patrol, but the good news is we are back on the streets. But like churches and many businesses, we have had to change our ministry and the way of working to adapt to this new world.

We derive so much benefit from questions that are asked whilst we are out; some examples are:-

* Do you believe in God?

* Why do you do it?

* What are Street Pasters ?

* Will you pray with me ?


Street Pastors 

Street Pastors was started by the Rev, Les Isaacs in central London in 2003 and is now recognized as a flourishing organization of volunteers from Christian churches in many cities across the The UK and around the world.

In Southend, Street Pastors began in 2005. We currently patrol on most Friday nights from 9:30 till midnight and on Saturday afternoons from midday till 2 pm or 2 pm till 4 pm. We carry a first aid kit, hot drinks, flip-flops, and bottles of water. We are in constant contact with the Council’s CCTV cameras via a radio link and work in partnership with local homeless charities, the police, and the Council’s Community Safety Team.

It is our privilege to help and care for anyone who needs our assistance, and we pray whilst we are out. It is our way of taking the church to the needy and vulnerable people within our community.

We are always looking for like-minded Christians to join us for a couple of hours on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon as we patrol and help our community,

Full training is provided, as is a uniform.

Prayer Pastors 

An integral part of the Street Pastors ministry is support from our Prayer Pastors who pray whilst the Street Pastors are out patrolling Southend.

We presently have 18 Prayer Pastors, one of which will wait in the comfort of their home for phone calls from our teams out on patrol. These may be about issues and events that occur or just to let them know about the atmosphere of the town. The team will sometimes ask the Prayer Pastor to pray into a situation that they have witnessed or dealt with. We can testify about many occasions when God has instantly answered the prayers!

Help needed from the Churches. 

Southend Street Pastors would like to offer your church an opportunity to be involved in the development of this vital work and we will be delighted to come to your church services or join a virtual service ( via e.g. ZOOM ) to talk about the ministry and work of Southend Street Pastors.

If that would be of interest, or you would like to talk more about becoming a Street Pastor or Prayer Pastor.

Please Contact John Levitt ( on 07494 989266 or at:

You can also visit our Facebook page @ Southend Street Pastors.

Jamie Langstone