Preparation for Parenthood

Preparation for Parenthood

HENRY are in the process of building a new Digital Hub for their new Preparation for Parenthood programme, that will hopefully be up and running soon.

This hub will have lots of information for parents who are expecting babies with topics that cover before the baby is born and after.  As it is for parents that live in the ABSS wards, they thought it would be great if local parents living in the ABSS Wards may like to help them make a short video on certain topics.

The type of topics they need to cover are; Bonding with bump, Formula feeding, Bathing baby, Topping and tailing (washing baby), Playing peek-a-boo and Tummy time.

These videos would only have to be very short, and there is no need to speak in them if you don’t want to.

If you’re a new parent (child up to 6months) and interesting in taking part, please contact Carol Keep by emailing or by calling 07458 306 625.