Professional training for charities, public sector & social enterprises – Talk Action

Professional training for charities, public sector & social enterprises – Talk Action

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ADVANCED FACILITATION TRAINING ~ 11th May 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

Looking deeply at group dynamics and the role you play as a facilitator both online & face-to-face. This course helps facilitators deal with power, conflict & big personalities!


SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING ~ 8th June 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

An introduction to creating great content! The social media revolution is here. Whether it’s a mystery to you, or you want to share your experience, this session will challenge, inspire, and enthuse you to take action and go social. This interactive course will help you understand the landscape of social media and plan an approach that empowers and excites the people you want to engage.


ONLINE MEETING TOOLS ~ 15th June 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

The session integrates online facilitation techniques with digital tools available in Zoom and third-party apps. This course gives you the skills to make your online meetings exciting and engaging. You’ll be introduced to key online techniques, how to use them effectively and which ones to use & when. The day will help make your sessions interactive, inclusive, and productive. It’s jam-packed with demonstrations and “try-it out” sessions – plus essential post-course resources.


FACILITATION TRAINING ~ 6th July 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

Our Facilitation Training course gives you the practical tools and techniques to make your meetings engaging and productive, both online and face-to-face.


VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT TRAINING – 13th July 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

Helping volunteers love you – your organisation and the role they play. Learn how to work with volunteers in new and exciting ways that help build your organisation, social enterprise, or voluntary group.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TRAINING – 20th July 2023 – 10am~3pm – Online

Our community engagement training empowers you to bring communities together, build bridges & forge great relationships. Our professional courses are perfect for charities, public sector & social enterprises.

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