Project SEADIP (South Essex Area Defibrillator Installation Project)

Project SEADIP (South Essex Area Defibrillator Installation Project)


The Rotary Clubs of Leigh on Sea and Thorpe Bay  together with the Carli Lansley Foundation, are joining forces in an exciting project to make the Southend  area a safer place.

With a population of over  174,000, the Southend area has 6.4 million visitors each year, most of whom gravitate towards the seafront and beaches to enjoy the attractions and scenery.

There have been deaths on the seafront due to the unavailability of a defibrillator and research shows that the 7mile seafront currently has only two locations where exterior mounted full public access defibrillators are installed and available 24 hours a day.

The project, which has the support of Southend Borough Council, is to install eight defibrillators along the entire length of the seafront. The first phase will see four installations at the Foreshore Office at Shoebury Common, Thorpe Bay Yacht Club, the Pier entrance, and Thames Estuary Yacht Club.  This will be followed by a further four installation in 2021. Once completed, we will be reviewing other areas in the community where a defibrillator would be a positive benefit.

The project, which will be backed by a District Grant from the Rotary Foundation, will not be just to install this lifesaving equipment.

The plan is to also run an education programme for the local community on the value of defibrillators, show where they are all located and organise wide ranging demonstrations on how to use them to give the general public an understanding on how simple they are to use and save lives.

The other part of our project is to catalogue the number and location of defibrillators in the Southend area.  Local business who have a defibrillator on their premises please contact the project organisers to let them know. You can do this by emailing Roger Savage at SAVS, who will pass your details on.

Maintenance of the defibrillators, a relatively simple process, will be resourced.