Public Health & Mind Free Suicide prevention website and training

Public Health & Mind Free Suicide prevention website and training

Mind and the Integrated Healthcare System in Essex have created a localised suicide prevention website as life is lost in UK every 2 hours through suicide and thousands of us experience suicidal thoughts and feelings every single day and with COVID-19, the NHS crisis and the cost-of-living crisis now in affect we are now amid a mental health crisis.

Suicide is a preventable and avoidable death, and we believe everyone should know how to talk and support to someone who is having suicidal thoughts.

Could YOU spot the signs of someone who is struggling with their mental health?

Would YOU know how to have the conversations with someone?

Would YOU be able to save a life!

We are asking local businesses, organisations and groups to get involved and allow/ask employees, service users, friends and partners to take the FREE 20-minute online Suicide Prevention Training.

We believe everyone should have the basic knowledge and training in suicide prevention just like you would for choking, drowning or even what to look out for in stroke. The training will help employees, employers, and individuals to understand and look out for one another.

What if you conversation you had with someone was their last? You may only get one opportunity to save a life.

Anyone can head on to our localised suicide prevention and take the FREE 20-minute suicide prevention training, teaching how to SEE the signs of someone in crisis, SAY the words to them and SIGNPOST to support or we offer to come in person totally FREE and provide a sit-down training session.

What provisions are being made by you to support your employee’s/service user’s mental health during this difficult time? Asking people to take this training is ensuring practical steps are being taken as an organisation to ensure your employees mental health is being considered and spoken about and be a mindful employer.

We know how difficult things are right now and it isn’t always easy to open up and talk but putting these early training provisions and steps in place can help with mentality, help reduce sickness and could SAVE A LIFE.

It might be an employee, friend, family member or even a stranger.

The website contains information about charities, local help and advice, the cost-of-living crisis, well-being and advice and as well as the suicide prevention training there are also editions for students and veterans.

If you would be interested in learning more about the training in person or would like to stock some leaflets, please contact

Take the training now –

Jamie Langstone