Responsible Business/Social Value course with certification options

Responsible Business/Social Value course with certification options

Whatever type of organisation you operate, I am sure you would agree that it is essential that you operate ethically and efficiently; meet and exceed legislation, and always consider your impact on people and the environment?

That is the definition of ‘responsible business!’

The Responsible Business/social Value online course is suitable for any size or type of organisation. Anyone working through it will benefit from the extensive information provided, wrapped up in a stripped-back approach that necessities a soul-searching process to identify if an organisation is operating ethically and responsibly across all aspects of its operations.

The course can be taken on its own without committing to any certification option, and even though this is a BIG, ROBUST course, costs start at just £19 per annum.

However, charities, social enterprises, and many other organisations, may find it beneficial to attain Responsible Business Standard Certification as this would be a superb asset when applying for grants and/or bidding for public sector contracts.

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Jamie Langstone